BILINGUALISM EVERY DAY. Workshop for parents of bilingual children

How can I foster the use of Polish language at home? Does knowing two languages cause confusion to my child? Which language should I speak at home and outside? When should I start speaking Polish to my child? Does bilingualism enhance language impairments? Why my child does not want to speak Polish?

If you are bringing up a child outside of Poland and one of the above questions has crossed your mind, we would like to invite you to the talk ‘Bilingualism everyday’.

The talk is held in Polish and it may be of interest to parents and carers of bilingual children of Polish descent.

Issues discussed:
• child bilingualism&bi-culturalism,
• speech and language development in bilingual children,
• code-switching,
• literacy skills,
• identity construction in bilingual children,
• bilingual upbringing strategies,
• most common challenges of bilingual families of Polish descent,
• practical advice on supporting children bilingualism and fostering the use of Polish language every day.

Mother Tongues provides training and consultancy aimed at families and at professionals working with multilingual children and adults. To find out more about Mother Tongues visit:

Speaker: Aga Pędrak – Polish and English Philologist, teacher of Polish language in Ireland, author of a blog (in Polish) on child

More details about the talk:
Barbara – tel. 086 885 8085,
Aga – tel. 0874391139


21st of May 2017, Dubllin

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